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Trid Cme’ La Bula

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Italy, 2014, HD, Color, 45' - documentary

Gianfranco Pannone

Roberto Abbati, Umberto Fabi, Alice Giroldini, Giancarlo Ilari, Francesco Marchi, Chiara Rubes, Loredana Scianna, Davide Villani

Primo Giroldini, Gianfranco Pannone

Tommaso Valente, Erika Manoni

Primo Giroldini

Effetto Notte, Circolo del cinema Stanley Kubrick


This original documentary is about the Parma Resistance in 1922, when the citizens of the quarter of Oltretorre pushed back Fascist squadristi. The author and the group of eight actors, that play credible but fictional characters, try to describe the event from the beginning to nowadays. The set is the currently Oltretorre quarter that during the documentary is often related to the Amoretti pictures of the ‘20s. Plebian peoples in the pictures take life through imaginary biographies played by actors in the flesh that tell us about these lives and the historical fact. Actors are filmed in boroughs while practicing and wearing vintage costumes and interacting with currently Oltretorre inhabitants. The live cinematic narration without voice overs or archive material is followed just by selected pictures that have been enlarged to enter that world and that lives, in the most credible way.

Director’s Notes
The documentary’s aim is just not to revoke an important historical fact for Parma and Italy before the Fascism’s advent to political power, but to give life to that history giving it back to people. This story is about persons in the flesh, unnamed men and women dominated by dates, places, celebrities, anniversaries. What shacked off the spirits of Oltretorre citizens was, above all, the desire for social liberation from the extreme poverty raging in the area, just as in many Italian villages in 1922. The dialectal title Trid cmè la bula means indeed “chopped like sawdust”, that is extremely poor. The misery was joined by the political need to change, for that Socialism cold be the concrete fulfillment of an ideal and not at all utopian project.
No rhetoric or celebration anxiety: the documentary shows the historical event from the beginning, where indigence and thirst for justice could describe both the Italy of the past and the Italy of the present.




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