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Setteponti Walkabout

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2018, DCP, Color, web doc - documentary

Gianfranco Bonadies, Gianpaolo Capobianco, Michele Sammarco, con la collaborazione di Valeria Tisato

Gianfranco Bonadies, Gianpaolo Capobianco, Michele Sammarco, con la collaborazione di Valeria Tisato

MACMA con il sostegno di SIAE, MIBACT e Sillumina - Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura


Along the Setteponti Road, territory of infinite stratifications, a world is in
Its last traces forcefully unreveal, while new realities arise from those furrows and
those marks to build a new world.
From the last traces of an endangered world, the peasant world; to the memories tied to
the Second World War, between horrors and commotion; to the realities that inhabit the
territory, between ancient traditions and offsets, are the three chapters that articulate
the story.
An interactive journey that involves documentary film, animation, illustration, sound
design and archive material of various nature to discover the stories of the Setteponti
Road, one of the most beautiful itineraries in Tuscany (Italy).

Valeria Tisato
Web Designer. Studia all’Università di Ferrara presso la Facoltà di Informatica.
Lavora come web designer a Padova.

Gianfranco Bonadies
Freelance illustrator and animator, with 10 years of experience as a professional. He has worked for and with various production companies and communication agencies in Italy, Spain, Brasil and China, reguarding editorial, musical and cinematic projects, for animated series, television, videoclips, video mapping, documentaries and advertisment.

Gianpaolo Capobianco
Experimental composer, sound designer and field recordist. Graduated at the IED in Rome. He has worked as a composer, sound designer and sound engineer in film productions. Winner of a Golden Globe on “Fallen”.

Michele Sammarco
Filmmaker. Graduated in Film directing at the Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti in Milan. He also graduated in Visual and Performing Arts at IUAV University of Venice. He's made short documentaristic films, video-installations and works as author and filmmaker.

Valeria Tisato
Web designer. She studies in Ferrara at the Ferrara University of Computer Science.
She works as a web designer in Padova.




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