Auteurs portraits: focus on 5 extraordinary icons of cinema, music and photography.


An Oscar for "Milagro", muse of Federico Fellini, director of "Cabiria", star photographer and documentary filmmaker who gave voice to southern Italy, showing as never before, through unpublished images and videos, the most hidden sides.

This year the RIFF proposes a focus on the great protagonists of the history of cinema and beyond, revealing curiosities, anecdotes and background stories of their extraordinary lives.
Five documentaries, five great stories of unforgettable icons that have marked history with their talent.

– Saturday, 16th of November, 16:20
“Luigi Di Gianni: Soul of the South”, directed by Jeannine Guilyard, celebrating the work of the late master in the year of his death, awarded at the Venice Film Festival for “Magia Lucana”.

– Tuesday 19th of November 16:30
World premiere: “Pastrone!” By Lorenzo De Nicola.
Who was Giovanni Pastrone, the greatest exponent of Italian silent cinema?
The discovery of an autobiographical manuscript brings out an astonishing new version of facts. After dominating the cinema of the origins, Pastrone turns into a self-taught doctor, dedicating the rest of his life to the ancestral struggle of man against death.

– Wednesday 20th of November at 20:20 –
“Ciao Anita” by Jacques Lipkau-Goyard & Marco Kuveiller.
Through unpublished images shot a few months before the legendary Anita Ekberg passed away, the diva, with subtle sarcasm, is revealing private anecdotes, the sadness of loneliness, past loves, lost friends and the dream of continuing to act.

– Thursday 21st of November at 16:20 –
“Peter Lindbergh – Women’s Stories” by Jean Michel Vecchiet.
A documentary already acclaimed at the Berlinale 2019 about one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century, the undisputed pioneer of a new way of photographing fashion without retouching and artifice. In the cast Naomi Campbell and many other big names that Lindbergh made immortal in his shots to understand what lies behind the images.

Thursday 21st at 21:00 –
“Dave Grusin: Not Enough Time” by Barbara Bentree.
With an Oscar team, the famous director and musician gives a breathtaking portrait of one of the most extraordinary protagonists of music and cinema, Dave Grusin, composer of unforgettable soundtracks such as “Il graduato” with Paul Simon and “Tootsie”, Oscar winner for “Milagro” by Robert Redford.
Images and videos never seen before, discovering the true face of the star who made the works of such a great artists as Barbra Streisand, Steven Spielberg and Sydney Pollack.

Don’t miss it, we are waiting for you at the Nuovo Cinema Aquila from 15th to 22nd of November!




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