The finalists of feature films are on line, 3 Italians in competition, 10 titles in total coming from all over the world


the complete program is now available on the RIFF web site

”La partita” by Francesco Carnesecchi, among the Italians with the rich cast composed by Francesco Pannofino, Alberto Di Stasio, Gabriele Fiore, Giorgio Colangeli, Fabrizio Sabatucci, Stefano Ambrogi, Lidia Vitale and Veruska Rossi. The football field is a metaphor of life, which is why the game is a fundamental moment in which the fate of the protagonists is decided. “Verso un altrove” by Massimiliano Amato, with Luca Guastino, Azzurra Rocchi, Fabio Fazi, Marcella Braga, who tells the difficulty of social redemption for those with a stormy past. The thriller “Scarlett” by Luigi Boccia, with Miriam Galanti, Ivan Castiglione, Loredana Cannata, who will keep you attached to the screen in doubt between the madness of the protagonist or the absurd reality in which the machine dominates the human being.

The film “We” by Rene Eller will open RIFF 2018. Based on the eponymous novel by Elvis Peeters, he recounts the unruly and surreal summer of eight teenagers.

Among the long international films there is “Alone At My Wedding” (Seule À Mon Mariage), selected at the Cannes festival 2018 in the ACID section, by Marta Bergman with Alina Şerban, Tom Vermeir, Rebeca Anghel, Marie Denarnaud, Marian Şamu, Viorica Tudor, Johan Leysen, Karin Tanghe, Jonas Bloquet.

In competition there is also “Arada”, by the Turkish director Mu Tunc with Burak Deniz and Busra Develi, an autobiographical film set during the turmoil of the 1990s.

“Decembers” by Enrique Castro Ríos, with Alex Jiménez, Delicia Montañez, Nina Vincent, Jerónimo Henao, which recounts the reconciliation between survivors during the American invasion of Panama in 1989?

The film by Portuguese director Susana Nobre “Ordinary Time” (Tempo Comum), in competition at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) 2018, with Marta Lança, Pedro Castanheira, Clara Castanheira.

“Kilikis … The Town Of Owls” by Azlarabe Alaoui, with Med Rzin, Amin Ennaji, Hassan Badida, Moroccan film about people coming from different places with dissimilar destinies, but all united by a tragic common destiny.

Finally, there is “The Limit Of” by Alan Mullgan, with Laurence O’Faurain, Sarah Carroll, David Murray, a film awarded with a standing ovation at the 29th GALWAY FILM Festival and nominated to the IRISH FILM & TELEVISION AWARD of 2018.




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