For the Italian short films selection winner is “Oltre Il Fiume” by Luca Zambolin


"Vittoria per tutti" by Elia Bei wins the RAI Cinema Channel Award

The winner for the Short International section goes to “Caesar” by Mohamed Megdoul (France) with the motivation: “The conflict of the classic such perfectly transfer to modernity. From the Shakespearean tragedy to the French banlieu. Human nature opens with intensity and depth in the film, where form and content are in harmony ”and to a Film “Ethel” by Jonny Wright for “ The clarity of the story that comes from the beauty of simplicity. It follows the canon of the genre without falling into banality. Filmed, performed and written with talent and passion “. A special mention for the Short International section goes to “The Lost One” by Matilde Hirsch (France) “For the brilliant idea of ​​reliving an archive film with a contemporary rhythm”

By decision of the Jury of the festival,  RIFF Award for the Best Italian goes to “Oltre Il Fiume” by  Luca Zambolin “It is an amazing piece that combines beautiful realistic (and yet artistic) approach, fantastic and cinematically perfect from the beginning to the end, and allowing many different interpretations. He adds a new point of view on the traditional approach to WWII pieces”.

The RAI Cinema Channel Award for Best Italian Short is worth goes to “Vittoria per tutti” by Elia Bei “Because it tells a dramatic story with a dry and incisive style and lights the spotlight on the very topical issue of the revengeporn and more generally of the violence against women, a violence that, in the era of social networks, must be increasingly fought in all its forms ”.

For the Animation short  section, winner is “Daughter” of Daria Kashcheeva (Czech Republic), with the following motivation “A fantastic work: written, directed, edited, conceived in an excellent way. A story thatmoves in a form that inspires “.

A special mention goes to “Butterflies in Berlin, Diary of A Soul Split In Two” by Monica Manganelli on the first transsexual operated in history during the rise of National Socialism.

For the students’ short film section the winner is film “Jupiter” by Benjamin Pfohl (Germany) “For the director’s ability to talk about serious and deep things in a simple way. For the rhythm of such that keeps the audience in suspense from the beginning to the last second and involves in the illusions, disappointments and hopes of the protagonists “.

A special mention goes to the Italian “Racconto notturno” by Gianluca Granocchia




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