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MASTERCLASS – Visual Effects

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Bruno Albi Marini, since always a contemporary photography and art enthusiastic, has developed a pronounced taste for images and visual compositions, probably also thanks to his uncle Lucio Amelio, a gallerist.
In his youth, watching movies like Star Wars and Tron, he gets really impressed by the digital graphics potential and its applications in the cinema.
In 1994, after a scientific education, he follows his artistic and technical vocation attending specific graphic and more specifically computer graphics courses. He collaborates with a communication company until 1999, realising several commercials, promotional campaigns, theme songs, logos, animations, music videos, high-tech content multimedia events. He takes care of various tasks among them graphics planning, video and audio editing, 3D animation, colour correction, compositing, real time synchronization of audio and video files.
From 1999, working for the label Wonderlab, he specializes in the creation of special digital effects for the cinema and he personally follows each project from the ideation, through the realisation, until the finalisation. This approach, that regards all the project phases, allows him to specialize in several fields: computer graphics, 3D (modelling, texturing, animation, lighting), camera tracking and compositing. Furthermore, he matures important skills in the organisation and in the problem solving of vfx aspects, working as supervisor on the set.
In 2011, he teaches in several lessons regarding Visual Effects basis, during the video maker course with a fantastic focus, called “Officine Murnau”.
In 2012, he teaches in a training course of compositing in Nuke, at the School of Cinematographic Art “Gian Maria Volontè”. In 2013, he is a candidate in the David of Donatello for his special digital effects in “Reality” by Matteo Garrone (winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes 2012).
In 2014, after spending years in the realisation of integrated digital effects, mixing traditional make-up effects with new and innovative techniques of digital integration, he participates in the MakinariuM group foundation, an active group in the realisation of cinema integrated effects. In 2016, he receives the David of Donatello prize for the movie “Il Racconto dei Racconti” by Matteo Garrone and he founds the Wonderlab SRL with Amedeo Califano and Andrea di Nardo. In 2018, he teaches in a course of compositing applied to stop motion in the IED institute.
During the same year, he is again a candidate in the David of Donatello for the best digital effects for the movie “Addio Fottuti Musi Verdi” by Francesco Ebbasta.




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