Fishermen’s Conversations by Chiara Bove Makiedo, Croatia, 2016, 68’
The Power Of Red Gold by Davide Minnella, Italy, 2015, 19’

The Kinookus Food Film Festival takes place in Ston (Croatia) every September. Ston has been famous for ages for its walls, saltpans and excellent gastronomic offer. The area around Ston is renowned for the growing of shellfish, superb wines and olive oil. By bringing the seventh art back into the open public spaces of Ston, the Kinookus organizers wish to give their support to the ongoing efforts of the local community to revive and preserve the unique spirit of this magical place.

Kinookus is a food film festival which, in exploring issues of industrial food production and its consequences for the planet, tells the story of “ordinary” men and women who engage their creativity and resourcefulness in trying to overcome the existing, collapsing socio-economic model. The Festival structure (Cinexperience – competition and retrospective, Cinefocus – lectures and meetings, Cinexperiment – educational workshops, Cinelocus – an open-air market for local, traditional and organic products, Unseen – agro-archaeological bike tours) strives to express all the abundance of the story of food as well as different aspects of its profound meaning for the life of mankind.

The idea of presenting during RIFF a kino-restaurant, which gives the opportunity to the public to try the dishes and the drinks they are watching on the screen, was introduced thanks to the collaboration with Kinookus Food Film Festival. A unique sensory experience that happens during Kinookus in a special section called “Taste the screen” where some chefs present the gastronomic culture of their country or propose a reinterpretation of the Dalmatian cuisine with local products and ingredients.

The documentary Fishermen’s Conversations, shown during the last edition of Kinookus FFF, will be presented with some dishes by Chef Mario Delo from Ston who will prepare some of the specialties of the Dalmatian coast given the fact that the subject of the movie is traditional fishing on Hvar Island. It will also be shown the short film that won last year edition of Kinookus Food Film Festival: The power of red gold directed by Davide Minnella.




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