On November 16th, the international feature films will be presented


From Costa Rica a story of female emancipation with "El despertar de la hormigas" in the Italian docs. the true story of a Clochard subject of a statue in imperiture memory in"Màt Sicuri the last Diogenes"

At Saturday 16th of November the RIFF welcomes with the Focus Spain – The Valencian animation in which the Cortoons Gandia Festival and the IVAC, Valencian Cultural Institute, will present a special screening dedicated to animation short films made in the Valencian Community, assisted by Alessandro d’Urso Artistic Director of Cortoons Gandia.

For the international feature films at 20:15, “El despertar de la hormigas” by the Costa Rican director Antonella Sudasassi, coming from the Rome Film Festival, already in competition at the Berlinale 2019. Filmed between Costa Rica and Spain, it tells the uncertain but irreversible emancipation of a young mother who lives in a highly patriarchal society. At 22.00 a “Sharp Knife” by the Slovak Teodor Kuhn, the story of a father who lost his son.

The Italian doc. “Màt Sicuri the last Diogenes”, first featured by Francesco Dradi, Fabrizio Marcheselli and Antonio Cavaciuti, trio of Emilian writers and journalists, dedicated to the true story of Enzo Sicuri (1907-1988), played by Alvaro Evangelisti, a homeless man by choice after a normal childhood in Parma. They called him “Màt”, but he loved poetry, books and opera music, he did not ask for alms and used recycled cartoons to pay for a plate of soup. His motto was “In life you can stay without anything except air to breathe” inspired by Dante Spaggiari, an engraver of precious metals and an anarchist philosopher, in doc. played by Alessandro Haber.

At 16.30 spirituality and art are at the center of Sidival row, the work of Friar Francesco Di Pede, created in collaboration with the Sentieri Selvaggi Film School and presented at the Venice Film Festival, shows the life of the great contemporary artist Fra Sidival.

During Italian Short Films in competition: in Sala Fabrizi starting at 16:20 Luigi Di Gianni: Soul of the South by J.Guilyard, Suspended Moments by Stefano Fiori, The Whiteness of a Child’s Mind and Death by Antonio Montefalcone, Svalutation by Francesco D ‘ Ignazio, Teresa di Tommaso Ferrero. All the directors will be present during screening.

At 19.30 Out of Competition “ Senza tenere premuto” by Paolo Strippoli, present at the Festival, followed by “Tensione superficiale” at 20:20 by Giovanni Aloi with Cristiana Dell’Anna.

At 22.00 Italian Courts continue with “Il giorno 0” by Sergio Panariello, “Mentre dormi” by Francesca Giuffrida, “Vittoria per tutti” by Elia Bei, “Pranzo della domenica” by Alexandra Vogel. All the directors will be present during screening.




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