Masterclass 2019


Domenica 17 ore 18.00
Soundtracks with Stefano Ratchev

A deepness study on the creation and use of musical language in film works and applied music. How do you create a soundtrack? What are the different functions within a story in pictures? How many different genres or types? How has it evolved from silent cinema onwards? How much and how much does it risk to conflict with the image, with the narrative or emotional sense of the film or of a single scene? What are the best techniques and methods most used to create and manage a movie’s soundtrack? Who can undertake this professional path and what would he need from a creative and technical point of view? How can film music create a unique, iconic bond, often remaining etched in the memory of thousands or millions of people?

Lunedi 18 ore 18.00
Andrea Maguolo
From scissors to digital, how the editor’s skill and role is evolving.

Starting from the origins of the cinema and of editing, we will highlight the most important technological innovations that have introduced significant changes both in editing techniques and in the audiovisual language itself. We will focus on the role of editor today and how it has changed in the last few years and will try to outline possible future settings as well as those technologies which might change the image-processing tools an editor may have at his disposal in the near future. We will analyze all those “invisible” actions that can already be used and that will soon be used to manage audiovisual material and the language that evolves in an ever more effective, expressive and free way, together with the new ways of distribution of and access to storytelling.




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