Jury 2016

Giovanni Anversa


He graduated in sociology at the University of Trento. After University studies, he took a degree in theatre organisation at the Civic School of Dramatics Art ” “P.Grassi” in Milan and dealt with the theatre critics and sociology of communication. In 1981, he began his collaboration as author and radio and television anchor-man in the Trento offices of Rai and with Rai in Milan. In 1990, he became a professional journalist. He moved to Rome and began a collaboration with Rai 2 in the program “Il coraggio di vivere” followed by “La cronaca in diretta”, “Ho bisogno di te” and “Racconti di vita”, where he played a role also as anchor-man. In 2000, he started to work for Raitre where he kept doing the program “Racconti di vita” until 2012, when he began the masthead “Paesereale”. During the last seasons, he also hosted “Cominciamo bene” and “Agorà Estate”. In 2013, he became the person in charge for current topics at Raitre.

Riccardo De Filippis


Roman actor, who started and had been particularly active in theatre, he got famous with the TV series “Romanzo criminale”, during which he interpreted the role of Scrocchiazeppi. He acted in several films, coming out on the 3rd of November his last project “In bici senza sella”, co-directed by 6 directors and already the winner of the Toronto Independent Film Festival 2016 and selected at the Rome Cinema Festival.

Domenico Dinoia



Domenico Dinoia, born in 1953, is originally from Basilicata, but adopted by Milan. After his master studies, he did several jobs, but he always remained close to the cinema, his great passion. Currently, he manages through his Society “Progetto Lumiere” some movie theatres in the Milan area and he takes care of some cinemas scheduling in Lombardia, organising some festivals of cinema or theatre or ballet. He has been a speaker in occasion of several conventions of the “Europe Cinema”, the net of movie theatres promoted by the European Community. President of ANEC in Lombardia (The national association of cinema practitioners) until 2013, he is now vice president of CICAE with the headquarter in Paris. He has been re-elected President of FICE (Essai Cinema Italian Federation), that he has relaunched through the organisation of the first Essai Cinema Rendezvous, arrived today at his XVI edition. Furthermore, he favoured the rebirth of the magazine “Vivilcinema” as divulgation instrument of the author cinema.

Stefano Fregni


He is an imposing Italian actor with extensive filming experience. He works between Italy, UK and USA. Over the years he played a wide range of characters from small quirky roles to lead in features. He was born in Bologna, but he grew up in Falcade, a small village in the Dolomites of Belluno. Since childhood, he had a great passion for acting, and in his early twenties, whilst at university, he started to attend acting classes and had his first professional experience in theatre and cinema. A few years later he decided move to Rome. He took part in several film and television productions and acted under the direction of great directors such as Paolo Sorrentino, Claudio Cupellini Dario Argento, Giacomo Campiotti, Michele Placido and played opposite Jordi Molla, Moritz Bleibtreu, Toni Servillo, Elio Germano, Filippo Timi, Francesco Salvi, Neri Marcorè, Gigi Proietti, Kim Rossi Stuart, Alessio Boni and Luca Barbareschi. His first leading role came when Marco Luca Cattaneo cast him in the feature film “Amore Liquido”. The role earned him The Best Actor award at Milan International Film Festival and at Salento International Film Festival. Fregni has an intense experience behind the camera in the production department as associate and executive producer or director of production.

María del Carmen Hinojosa


María del Carmen Hinojosa comes from a multifaced and international world. She is Spanish, Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication at the Univerity of Sevilla, Spain. Also master in Design, Communication Management, and International Relations. She has lived in Maryland (USA), Florence and Rome and London where she studied and also worked as photographer. María is now focused on communication and culture management in international organizations because she thinks culture is the key to make a better work. Currently she collaborates with Instituto Cervantes (Spanish Cultural Institute) in the department of cultural activities.

Juana Jimenez


Juana, originally from Colombia, lives since 12 years between Italy and Austria. She randomly started the acting career and nowadays she is an estimated professional, who played with actors such as Giuliana DeSio, Lino Banfi e Nino Manfredi and acted under the direction of great directors such as Giovanni Veronesi. Among the last cinematographic projects, in 2015 she acted in multi-awarded “They call me Jeeg Robot” of Gabriele Mainetti and in “Diabolika” under the direction of Francesco Dominedo.

Jouni Kantola

Jouni Kantola is a Finnish journalist based in Florence. Sales Executive of Berta Film, Kantola represents Berta titles on international market and contributes to acquisition of documentaries. As a journalist, Kantola has reported Italy for Finns for 15 years on biggest daily newspapers, producing also documentary series for the national public-broadcasting company Yle. Berta Film is a film company with a strong focus in documentaries. As international sales agents we carefully select quality titles, promote their value and distribute them for over 40 broadcasters worldwide.

Serena Lastrucci


Founder of Gold Film, company based in Florence that distributed a great film thickness, is now CEO of NewGold, company that aims to follow the footsteps of Gold Film, which was a leader in its own sector, not only thanks to the distribution of films in its cinemas but also thanks to the collaboration with the major italian television networks. Serena Lastrucci buys, sells and produces content worldwide and she is involved in production and distribution of films, documentaries, cartoons and all types of entertainment programming in the multimedia field. To further increase its relevance in the audiovisual world, the New Gold, continually growing company, is involved in the distribution and purchase of a portfolio of high-class Italian and foreign productions in order to become a vital central point for Italian and worldwide distribution.

Francesco Ranieri Martinotti


A screenwriter and director, since 2015 at the presidency of the National Cinematographic Authors Association, he is one of the pioneers of the Authors’ Days and directs France Odeon, the French Festival in Florence. His first-work “Abissinia”, selected in 1993 at the SIC of the Cannes Festival, won also the David of Donatello and participated to the Sundance Festival. In 1997 he signed the screenplay of “Cresceranno i carciofi a Mimongo”, nominated to the David of Donatello as Director. In 1998, he directed “Branchi” and in 2001 is among those filmmakers realising “Un altro mondo è possibile”, a documentary about the G8 in Genoa, followed by “Lettere dalla Palestina” (2002), co-directed with others, such as Monicelli e Scola, and presented at the Berlinale. Afterwards, he directed “Ti lascio perché ti amo troppo” (2007) and “La seconda volta non si scorda mai” (2008). The latest documentary projects are: “Furio Scarpelli: il racconto prima di tutto” (2012), “Il segreto di Otello” (2015) and “Barbieri d’Italia” (2016).

Anastasia Plazzotta

plazzottaAfter Ca’ Foscari University, a Master at Scuola Holden and in documentary production (Eurodoc), she has worked in movie production for 6 years (Fandango, Eskimosa) and in distribution (Feltrinelli Editore) for 10. In 2014 she founded with Gianluigi Valentini the independent distribution company Wanted Cinema. She is at present the editor of Feltrinelli Real Cinema and sole administrator of Wanted.


Gabriel Velázquez


Gabriel Velázquez (Salamanca, Spain, 1968) is a self-taught filmmaker. He has been acknowledged since his beginnings in 1996, when he won the Luis Buñuel Film Award with his first short film. Since then he has directed and produced dozens of commercials, short films, documentaries and mostly feature films, all awarded internationally, highlighting in festivals such as San Sebastian, Berlin and Rotterdam.

Megan Williams


Megan Williams is an award-winning foreign correspondent, radio documentary producer and writer. For more than 15 years, she has reported extensively on Italy and the Vatican, covering everything from the plight of migrants and mafia to the Venice Biennale and underground Rome. She has also reported from India, Cambodia, Darfour, Gabon, Swaziland, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and throughout Europe for CBC and other outlets. Megan’s reports have won numerous top international awards, most recently a Gold and Silver at the New York Festivals Radio Awards 2015 and a United Nations award for her documentary on women and public space. Megan is a graduation of McGill University and has a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University.





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