Ania Trzebiatowska

Ania Trzebiatowska is the artistic director of the Off Plus Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema, based in Krakow, Poland. This annual celebration of independent film is one of the leading events of this kind in Europe. She has been with the festival for the last five years, and under her direction, it has grown significantly in stature with its competition for first- and second-time filmmakers offering financial support for new talent.
Trzebiatowska hosts numerous guest events and designs parallel sidebars as well as the festival’s touring program. With her background in film studies and digital culture, she has worked in both the BBC’s documentary programs and the broadcast department of the British Museum as well as in the United Kingdom, around Europe, and in the United States. In 2012, she produced The Unspeakable Act, directed by Dan Sallitt, which played at festivals in Sarasota, Rotterdam, and Vienna.

Armando Cobian Suarez

Armando Suárez Cobián was born in Antilla, Cuba. He’s a poet, writer, actor and director. His first poetry collection ‘Corre ve y dile’ was published by Ediciones Extramuros in 1985 and in 2013, Havana’s publisher Ediciones Torre de Letras published ‘Nueva York no eres tú’ that won the Cuban Artists’ Fund Grant for Cuban artists. His poems have been included in anthologies and magazines in several countries such as Cuba, the United States, Italy, Spain, Venezuela, Nicaragua, France and Luxembourg. In 2013 he directed the documentary ‘No Limits’ with Juan Carlos Alom and Ismael de Diego, based on Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea’s art project by the same name. The film deals with the manufacturing and installation process of monumental sculptures in Park Avenue, inspired by New York’s ten most iconic buildings; the machinery used to create Arrechea’s art pieces are the protagonists of a modern dance, thanks to the exquisite sounds arranged by Paquito d'Rivera, Horacio El Negro Hernandez, Felipe Dulzaides y los Armónicos, Morgan O'Kane, Ernesto Lecuona and Azari Alom.
The documentary analyzes the relationship between architecture and power through the directors’ skilfully written dialogues between workers, products and machines and between the artist, the technicians and the art piece. Suárez Cobián has collaborated on numerous film projects over the years, as an actor and dialect coach for Before Night Falls (Julian Schnabel), Che and Haywire (Steven Soderbergh), and Amexicano (Matthew Bonifacio). His novel ‘El libro de los amores breves’ (The Book of Brief Loves) is going to be publish this year in Spain by Linkgua. He’s lived in Brooklyn since 1992, where he is currently working on his novel about New York and on his poetry book ‘La muerte y sus ojos’.

Benni Atria

Born and raised in Sicily, Benni Atria moved to Rome after completing his studies to work in the cinema industry. Since the mid-1980s , his artistic and professional career has constantly switched between his fascination for images and his passion for sound, leading him to tackle both film and documentary. He’s worked as sound designer in several productions such as Guido Chiesa’s Il partigiano Johnny and Lavorare con lentezza; Alina Marazzi’s Un'ora sola ti vorrei and Vogliamo anche le rose; Bernardo Bertolucci’s Io ballo da sola and Roberto Benigni’s La vita è bella where he’s worked also as assistant editor and sound editor.
Over the last few years, Atria has also worked with Daniele Vicari as sound designer on all of his films and his editing on the movie Diaz has earned him many awards. Atria has also worked with Michelangelo Frammartino on his movie Le quattro volte (screened at the Cannes Film Festival) and was editor and sound designer of the installation Alberi that was presented at the New York Dome-MoMa.

Daniele di Gennaro

Daniele di Gennaro (b. 1967) is CEO of Italian publisher minimum fax that celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. He’s also audiovisual producer for minimum fax media’s documentary department and event planner of festivals and theatre events for minimum fax live.
He’s professor of Publishing, Journalism and Cultural Management at La Sapienza University of Rome and head of communication at Turin Officine Grandi Riparazioni’s audiovisual department.

Elisabeth Missland

Elizabeth Missland was born in France to an English father and an Austrian mother. She studied Political Science in Paris and developed a passion for cinema in her student years when she started writing for several film magazines. After completing her studies, Mrs. Missland participated to the creation of the French Oscar Awards, then known as Triomphes. During the 1960s she joined the staff of the prestigious weekly magazine Paris Match and became art consultant on the popular tv show “Palmarès” by Guy Lux.
In 1973 Mrs. Missland moved to Rome to work as correspondent for Paris Match, later acquired by Hachette Filipachi Presse, and for Mondadori France Magazines. She was Artistic Director and Honorary President of the Foreign Press Association of Italy for 22 years and has been a member of Ezio Greggio’s Montecarlo Comedy Film Festival’s Artistic Committee for the past 11 years. Over the last 2 years, Mrs. Missland has worked as film consultant with songwriter Franco Simone on his tv show “Dizionario dei Sentimenti”.

Fabio Mancini

Fabio Mancini was born in Roma in 1970 and has a Degree in Cinema History. He’s collaborated with the digital platform RAISAT and, together with Franca Leosini, is currently the writer for the tv show “Storie Maledette”.
Since 2013 he’s head of documentary department DOC3 on RAITRE.

Fabio Meloni

Fabio Meloni has organized film shows and festivals since 1985, including “Immagini del Mondo” (“Images of the World”) and “Immagini Animate” (“Animated Images”).
Since 2008, he has been the director of the Nuovo Cinema L’Aquila di Roma. In addition, he is the founder of the Fabian Art Society, a community of multimedia productions and events.

Gianni Garko

Gianni Garko was born in Dalmatia in 1935. He attended the Silvio d'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome and since 1959 he’s acted in over 100 films among which is 1961 Academy Awards nominated Gillo Pontecorvo’s “Kapò”. Garko has attended several film festival such as the Venice International Film Festival in 1966 starring in Vittorio Seta’s film “Un uomo a metà” (“Almost a man”); in 1969 he was at the Cannes International Film Festival with the movie “I tulipani di Harleen” (“Tulips of Haarlem”), and in 1982 he represented Suel Ben Barka’s film “Amok” at the Moscow International Film Festival.
Alongside his acting career, Garko is known for his writings and translations and has personally written many of the scripts he’s later interpreted as an actor. His versatile creativity has led him to try television productions as well and he’s acted in several tv shows such as Canale 5’s “Vivere” (2001-2005) and “Sospetti” season 2 and 3. He’s also a theatre actor and has played in several productions directed by renowned personalities like Giorgio Strehler, Massimo Belli, Luchino Visconti and Roberto Guicciardini in Pirandello, Brecht, Cechov e Maupassant’s plays, proving his extraordinary talent in acting.

Maurizio di Rienzo

Maurizio di Rienzo, was born in Naples on 19 September 1958. In the field of journalism since 1979, he is a journalist and film critic for press, radio, satellite television. He is consultant and event department manager for festivals and national and international shows dealing with film selection, organization and conducting of conferences, workshops, press conferences and award ceremonies.
He is in the “Direttivo del Sindacato nazionale giornalisti cinematografici italiani (SNGCI)”, where he is responsible for the selection of Italian short films for the Nastri d’Argento award since 2000, and he is in the same union one of selectors of a sets of five groups of finalist for feature films.

Sesto Cifola

Sesto Cifola has been working in the motion picture industry since the 70s. He started his career at Fida Cinematografica where he was responsible for the foreign sales of the company’s film production.In 1980, he joined Sacis, a subsidary sales arm of RAI , where he was head of worldwide theatrical and TV sales. In 1990, he joined Titanus Distribuzione as Commercial Director with the specific role to develop acquisitions and co-productions. Under the newly formed RAITRADE he was appointed as Director of Sales and Acquisition of feature films, documentaries, series and animation.
His background includes distribution at an international level of many pictures by great Italian directors like Federico Fellini, Mario Monicelli, Pupi Avati and the Taviani Brothers. He also distributed major television programs produced by RAI such as La Piovra, Montalbano and Marco Polo at a worldwide level. Now in 2013, he has set up a distribution company Lion Pictures International together with Giuseppe Gargiulo.




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