Fiamma Arditi

Graduated at the University of Milan with a major in Film History and Criticism, she has been journalist for the Rizzoli publishing company since 1976. She taught journalism at Centro Studi di Comunicazione of Rome and was Head of Press Office of the Ministry of Spettacolo.
She has worked at the United Nation as Counselor for the SMOM since 1996, and she has regularly contributed to the daily paper “La Stampa” since 1997. Fiamma, who also wrote “L’altra America”, published by Fazi in 2004, founded and directed the Senza Frontiere-Without Borders Film Festival in 2008.

Christian Carmosino

Christian Carmosino graduated in Cinema and has organized cinematography events in Italy and abroad for about 20 years. He worked selecting films for the “Siena International Short Film Festival”, “La Citadella del Corto”, and the “Festival InCURT”. He worked at the Experimental Centre of Cinematography, CinetecaNazionale, and is currently Technical Manager of Audiovisual Production Centre of Roma Tre University.
In 2005, with the help of the City of Rome, he founded OFF!CINE, a film club and production group. With the association OFF!CINE, of which he is president, he has produced numerous projects. In 2010, he created CINEMA.DOC, the first festival/circuit for the distribution of documentaries for first release in theatres. Since 2011, he has been coordinator for the Doc/it Professional Award. As director, he has completed short films and documentaries that have won many national and international awards. He is a member of the National Management of FICC (Italian Federation of Film Societies) and of Doc/it – Italian Association of Documentary Filmmakers.

Beatrice Coletti

Beatrice Coletti is Channel Director of Babel, channel 141 Sky Italy, the first and only channel dedicated to the 5 millions of “new Italians”. Her career in television begins in 1992; she collaborated with several production companies and national and international television broadcasting stations. Since 2000 she’s been specializing in launching startups and has worked to reprogram a number of channels, contributing to the creation and promotion of many channels such as “Salute e Benessere Channel” Il Sole 24 Ore Italy.
She was executive producer for Disney Channel Italy; she was also Head of Production and launched Fox Life e Fox Crime for Fox International Channels Italy and Head of Production News & Sport for La7 Televisioni Spa, Italy, Channel Director (Dahlia TV) and Head of Production for Factual, Factual Entertainment, Talk Shows FremantleMedia Italia SpA in 2012.

Fabiomassimo Dell’Orco

Fabiomassimo Dell’Orco was born in Rome in 1964. He started working as Office PA in 1985 for Cannon Films and Carolco. Very soon, his skills and manners brought him to become the youngest Italian Location Manager. He was involved in most of the Foreign Productions that were coming to Italy (late 80’s early 90’s). The chance he obtained in traveling all around, and not only, the Mediterranean gave him the possibility to meet and confront several and different working ways, improving the ability in problem solving related to the broadest Anglo-Saxon professional philosophy.
He reached the apex of Location Managing in 1995 handling the entire Tunisian Shooting of “The English Patient” by Anthony Minghella. As Production Manager he worked on projects as R. Harlin’s “Cutthroat Island”, M. Hoffman’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, A. Taylor’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. He worked for HBO as UPM/Co-Producer on “Angels in America” and the 1st and 2nd seasons of “Rome”. He lately worked on the Italian shooting of “Angels & Demons” by Ron Howard (2008) and “Eat, Pray, Love” by Ryan Murphy (2009).

Pascale Faure

Pascale Faure is one of the French specialists of short-films and has been artistic co-director of "L'Oeil du Cyclone" magazine from 1991 to 1999, but also co-writer of the feature film "Filles Perdues Cheveux gras" directed by Claude Duty (Prize Michel d'Ornano Best Debut Film in 2001).
Since 2001, she leads the Short Programs and Creations Unit of Canal+ France. Producer of the "L'Oeil de Links", the creative webzine and also "Mickrociné" the weekly short films broadcast.

Agostino Ferrente

Agostino Ferrente was born in Cerignola in 1971. He produced and directed the shorts “A little more than half of zero” (1993) and “A Dickhead’s Opinion” (1994). In cooperation with Giovanni Piperno he produced “Interview with my mother” (1999) and “Mario’s film” (1999-2001).In 2001 he founded, along with a dozen of accomplices, the group “Apolloundici” (Apollo eleven) by which he created L’Orchestra di Pazza Vittorio protagonist of the same name documentary awarded during many festivals.
In collaboration with Mariangela Barbanente he conceived the project “OPV I diari del ritorno”, by which the first two experimental episodes were directed by Alessandro Rossetto e Leonardo Di Costanzo. Agostino, Andrea Satta and the Têtes de Bois produced a film clip of “Alfonsina e la bici” (Special Prize PIVI) featuring Margherita Hack.

Heinz Hermanns

Heinz Hermanns was born in Duisburg, West Germany. Working as social worker in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Then studied Politics in Germany, Berlin and Italy, Urbino. In 1981 he founded and directed the cinema “Eiszeit” during the squaters movement in Berlin which he directed during 9 years. In 1986 he directed the International Documentary Film Festival Berlin. He co-directed the short film festival "Pollicino" in Catania, Italy/Sicily from 1990 to 1996. He is the director and co-founder since 2001 of the super short film festival „Going Underground“ held in the trains of the Berlin Subway - since 2011 also in the subway in Seoul, South Korea.
He is also co-founder and curator of the Zebra poetry short film festival that since 2002 presents twice a year short films which interpret poems. He gave seminars on short film language for students and professionals in the USA, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, England, Italy and Germany and took part in juries, debates and presentations of short films all around the world.

Wilma Labate

She works and lives in Rome, she debuts in ’89 with a film “ Ciro il Piccolo”, about young workers from Naples. In 90 she shot her first film, “ Ambrogio”, a story of a young girl who decides to be a captain in the Italy at the turn of ’60. The second film “ La mia generazione” is a travel from the south to the north in a armored truck , in which a police captain and a political prisoner meet each other, the film won awards in Italy and abroad. In 1999 – 2000 she comes back in Naples to shot the feature film “ Domenica”, selected for Berlin, New York and London Film Festival.
In 2008 she is the director of “signorinaEffe”, a love story between a Fiat employee and a worker, during the 35 days of fighting outside the factory, in Tourin. In 2009-2010 she wrote, together with Ugo Chiti and Ascanio Celestini, the screen-play of the feature film “La Pecora Nera”, selected for Venice Film Festival. In 2012 together with four other movie makers she carries out a documentary about Mario Monicelli’s life and works. She shot a lot of documentary, about Genoa 2001, the Palestine, the anarchists, the hard work. She think that the documentary is an authentic and exciting form of expression.

Philipp Kreuzer

Producer, lawyer with a master in audiovisual production and management, Kreuzer worked for the Lottery Franchise The Film Consortium Ltd. in London, he become Head of Production and Business Affairs of MFP. From 2001 until 2004 he was administrator at Eurimages. In 2005 he joined Bavaria Film GmbH as Head of Film- and TV financing, in 2006 he was Head of Co-production and deputy managing director, joining the international activities between production and sales, in 2009 he was appointed as Vice President International and Co-Production heading also the TV sales department.
With the creation of Global Screen he oversaw the operational merger among Bavaria and Telepool as VP of Acquisition and Co-Production until December 2012. Currently he oversees production, co-production and financing responsibilities within Bavaria Pictures, Bavaria Fernsehproduktion and Bavaria Media Italia and he is a member of the directive board of Bavaria Film Group.

Emma Rossi Landi

Emnma Rossi-Landi was born in Rome in 1971. In 1998 she obtained a Diploma in Filmmaking at the London International Film School. She started directing documentaries in the year 2000. Her films include: “Forty Days” (2004, winner of the Festival dei Popoli) Veronica’s Thread (2005, winner of the Bellaria Film Festival) “Vaccarizzo’s Song” (2007, as part of the Alba Suite project) and “Left By The Ship”, co-directed with Alberto Vendemmiati (2010, co-produced with ITVS international, presented in more than 30 International Festivals and winner of the Cinema.Doc prize at the Festival dei Popoli among others).
In 2013 she organized, with Christian Carmosino, for Doc/it (the Italian Documentary Association) “The Documentary Month” a film festival which presented some of the best Italian and International Documentary films from the last season.

Fabio Meloni

Fabio Meloni has organized film shows and festivals since 1985, including “Immagini del Mondo” (“Images of the World”) and “Immagini Animate” (“Animated Images”).
Since 2008, he has been the director of the Nuovo Cinema L’Aquila di Roma. In addition, he is the founder of the Fabian Art Society, a community of multimedia productions and events.

Franco Montini

Franco Montini a journalist and film critic, is the president of the National Union of Italian cinematographic critics and he is the President of the Association Made in Italy, that since fifteen years organizes festivals of Italian cinema abroad. He regularly writes for the daily newspaper “ La Repubblica” and also for a series of publications of the sector: “Il giornale dello spettacolo”, “Vivilcinema”, “Cinema &Video International”.
He has published some volumes: “I novissimi” published by Eri; a biography of Carlo Verdone for “Gremese” and one of Luigi Magni for Eri. He cares about the volume “Il cinema italiano del terzo millennio” published by Lindau and, together with Piero Spila, “Gian Maria Volonté-Lo sguardo ribelle” for Fandango Books.

Tommaso Piotta

Singer, musician and successful producer since the ‘90s, Piotta took up his career in the alternative scene in a unique way. He was able to mix popularity and mass successes not only without damaging his credibility, but also becoming more and more mature and involved. This is the reason why his albums, always different in styles and contents, gained a lot of positive reviews, from both critics and fans. He started working as a producer in 2004, when he founded his label “La Grande Onda” which edits and produces artists such as Amir, Brusco, Cor Veleno, Rancore and Truceboys.
Piotta is also very active in live concerts too. Coolio, Dead Prez, De La Soul, dj Kool Herc, Fugees, Jovanotti, Krs One, Kurtis Blow, Lady Sovreign, Wycleaf Jean and Wu Tang Clan, are just some of the artists he did gigs with. From 2000 to 2001 he actualized a book series for emerging authors with Castelvecchi publishing company; he signed his first book “Pioggia che cade, vita che scorre” in 2006, and his second one “Troppo Avanti” in 2008. He performed the soundtracks to “Torino Boys”, “Zora la vampira” and “Il segreto del giaguaro” as well as the jingle for the tv show “Stracult” (RAI2).

Victoria Pistoia

Since 2000 she works as a talent agent in Sosia & Pistoia Company. She has always worked in the show business world, as personal assistant and in TV Productions. She hosted Radio Shows on Radio 1 and Radio 2.

David Pope

David Pope is a filmmaker, consultant and training provider working internationally. David has designed and delivered training programmes for many international clients including Cannes Cinefondation, British Council, Irish Film Board, MEDIA, BAFTA, Polish Film Institute, New Horizons Studio and BFI London Film Festival amongst others. He is also consultant/moderator annually for The Rotterdam Lab at CineMart.
David has consulted on the development of single projects and slates in Europe, US, Middle East, North Africa and Asia and has a slate of his own projects in development at advance films.

Nicolas Vaporidis

Nicolas Vaporidis was born in Rome from Italian mother and Greek father. He began his career really young in 2002 with the film “Il ronzio delle mosche, with Greta Scacchi . The following year he came to the attention of a international audience with the film “13 a tavola” the winning film of the Los Angeles Italian Film Awards. After several roles in tv series and movies, in 2006 he starred in the hit film “Notte prima degli esami”, and he became one of the most popular actors in Italy.
Since then his fame continued to raise after starring films as “Cemento Armato ( 2007), “Come tu mi vuoi” (2007) “Questa notte è ancora nostra” (2008), all of them great success at the box Office. In 2009 he also started to produce his movies with “ Tutto l’amore del mondo”. In 2013 He will appear in a number of upcoming films.




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