Margherita Lamesta Krebel present: Audrey Hepburn “Images of an actress”


(Italiano) A un quarto di secolo dalla scomparsa della diva, sarà presentato al RIFF: Audrey Hepburn immagini di un’attrice, scritto da Margherita Lamesta Krebel

The figure of Hepburn, indeed, still echoes in a powerful and horizontal way.
Since 1998, she is also Julia’s face, the successful comics detective.
On one side, everyone knows the extraordinary influence of Audrey in the world of fashion, where she represents an universal symbol of beauty and style. On the other side, only in few occasions her professionalism, talent and exceptional interpretative capacities have been highlighted.

She was an original scenic animal and the American Film Institute defined her “the third greatest actress ever”.

She won a Oscar Prize at her debut as protagonist in “Vacanze Romane” and she has been a very unique example in terms of career, during which the number of shot films was equal to the number of successful films. Through the fil rouge of four passages: innocence, metamorphosis, fashion and maturity, the author wanted to give testimony of the Kafkaesque performer cinematographic adventure. Margherita didn’t forget to mention the allure of an iconic star able to fascinate beyond her capacities.

The book is enriched by two drawing boards and by the presence of two unpublished works: a conversation with the Prof. Andrea Dotti, Audrey’s second husband, and an interview of Giancarlo Berardi, the creator of Julia.

Margherita Lamesta Krebel is a contributor and she writes about cinema, theatre, art and fashion. She has got a degree in Literature and she studied at La Sapienza University. Furthermore, she attended several seminars of Vincenzo Cerami, Suso Cecchi D’Amico and Furio Scarpelli, edited by Prof. Orio Caldiron.




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