DOCUMENTARIFF: focus on Made in Italy auteur cinema


9 documentaries of the most promising Italian filmmakers, previewed for the roman audience

For all lovers of the great cinema “Made in Italy”, we will be meeting at the Nuovo Cinema Aquila, from 15th to 22nd of November.
The section of “National Documentary Competition” holds great surprises.

Directly from the Berlinale 2019, “Anbessa”, by the young and award-winning Italian-American director Mo Scarpelli, already acclaimed at the Sundance Film Festival
for photography in “Speaking is difficult”. Film with a gold team directly from the Academy, Cannes and Venice, especially for you.
We will then y to Parma, where Alessandro Haber gives us an extraordinary interpretation in “Màt Sicuri the last Diogene”, directed by Francesco Dradi, Fabrizio
Marcheselli and Antonio Cavaciuti.
From the 76th Venice Film Festival, the life of the great contemporary artist “Sidival Fila”, celebrated by Francesco Di Pede and realized in collaboration with the Sentieri Selvaggi Film School.

Afterwards, three tributes to the great names of auteur cinema.
The unforgettable Anita Ekberg pictured in “Ciao Anita”, by Jacques Lipkau Goyard and Marco Kuveiller, revealing the other face of diva, making all the generations dream.
“Luigi Di Gianni: Soul of the South”, by documentary filmmaker Jeannine Guilyard, that have already participated in competition at the Venice Film Festival with “Gelsomina”, to celebrate the great master, who died this year – awarded in Venice for “Magia Lucana”.
“Pastrone!” By Lorenzo De Nicola, recognized as biographer and director assistant of worldwidely famous names, sheds light on the mystery surrounding life of the great director of “Cabiria”, a blockbuster written with Gabriele D’Annunzio, and not only …
It continues with the epic feat told in “Moby Dick o il Teatro dei Venti” by Raffaele Manco, formerly lm-maker of “Report”, “Presa Diretta”, “La grande storia” and main Italian channels.

Finally, two intimate and exciting stories:
“Samira’s Dream”, by Nino Tropiano, presented as an Italian preview, just before ying to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival for the Marché du Film in 2020 and the
LGBTQ work “Un uomo deve essere forte”, by Ilaria Ciavattini and Elsi Perino.
To find out more see our program of the 18th edition of the RIFF Awards. We are waiting for you!




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