Tuesday 20th at 15.30 – Forum: “Being European”

Strategies and tools for supporting the production of content in the Cinema and Audiovisual supply chain  
Tuesday 20th November – at 6:20 pm “Il Cinema Insegna” a meeting dedicated to inform and “educate” with the documentary “Shadows of light” by Daniel Henríquez

At 22.30 for the Country Focus Spain - Operas primeras: women filmmakers  
RIFF is live on 19th and 20th November with the cinema of the real that tells the story of the Capital “RKM Rome Kaputt Mundi”, “The Peripheries of Rome and the Democratic Movement” and “Rome 167/62”.

Feature film competing on the football field "La partita" with Pannofino and Colangeli.  
Sunday, November 18, another group of short films in the presence of directors in the room, Among the guests Luigi Lo Cascio for the documentary “Effatà Road”

At 20.10 Country Focus Spain - Operas primeras: women filmmakers with the screening of "Dancing Beethoven" by Arantxa Aguirre who will be present at the festival  
First weekend of the Rome Independent Film Festival with the Italian preview of “Alone At My Wedding” by Marta Bergman present at the kermesse.

"This is Love" documentary by John Alexander about the musician Rudy Love - a hero not celebrated in soul thanks to the testimonies of George Clinton and Jay Z, will be presented by producer Shawn Rhodes.  
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