Pride and Mute gives colors to the festival on Tuesday 19th: LGBTQ, Giovanni Pastrone and Massimiliano Varrese among impetuous program

see the program for the day four of the RIFF  
Monday 18th of November new meeting with the focus on Ukrainian Cinema with “The Strayed” a dramedy about confrontation of three generations of women

At Italian doc. Tezeta Abraham will accompany "Anbessa" on the imaginative struggle against progress in Ethiopia  
Sunday 17th of November is the day of “37 Seconds” the life of manga character riding a wheelchair

From Sundance arrives "Lapu" and the Masterclass with Stefano Ratchev about the soundtracks will be presented.  
On November 16th, the international feature films will be presented

From Costa Rica a story of female emancipation with "El despertar de la hormigas" in the Italian docs. the true story of a Clochard subject of a statue in imperiture memory in"Màt Sicuri the last Diogenes"  
Auteurs portraits: focus on 5 extraordinary icons of cinema, music and photography.

An Oscar for "Milagro", muse of Federico Fellini, director of "Cabiria", star photographer and documentary filmmaker who gave voice to southern Italy, showing as never before, through unpublished images and videos, the most hidden sides.  
Opening Night Film @ 2019 RIFF Awards “Nancy” – Christina’s Chloe directorial debut with Andrea Riseborough, Ann Dowd and Steve Buscemi.

On friday, 15th of November at 8:20 pm Nuovo Cinema Aquila in Rome.  
Love & Pride Day – The value of diversity – Tuesday 19th from 16:00 until 23:59.

On the eve of the Transgender Day of Remembrance, the RIFF takes on a rainbow on the day entirely dedicated to contemporary LGBTQ film.  
(Italiano) Giuria del pubblico e giuria ufficiale: i volti dietro le votazioni del RIFF 2019

(Italiano) Storicamente vicina alla concezione più popolare del cinema, il RIFF continua a mettere in primo piano il gradimento del pubblico rispetto a quello di una cerchia preselezionata  
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