Winner of the 17th edition “We” by Rene Eller. Special mention to Alina Serban for “Alone at my wedding” and to Enrique Castro Rios for “Decembers”.

In the documentary selection winners are: "Amaranth", "The Fifth Sun" on the Italian front and "This is Love" on the international one.  
Attendance at 20.20 the Country Focus Albania in the presence of Agron Domi and Joni Shanaj

For the occasion, the feature film "Pharmacon" will be presented  
At 18.00 in the presence of the director, continues the cinema of the real in competition with “The Battle of Algiers” about a historical film by Malek Bensmail

At 10.10pm, with the director present in the the hall - "Arada" by Mu Tunc  
Thursday 22nd waiting for the “Visual Effects” Masterclas with Bruno Albi Marin. Do not miss the Country Focus Albania with guest director Agron Domi and Joni Shanaj.

At 18.00 in the presence of the director continues the cinema of the real with "The Battle of Algieres, a film within history" by Malek Bensmail  
At the RIFF on November 21, space for music between films and documentaries presented in preview

At 20.20 in the presence of the director in the hall for the feature film competition will be screened "Towards an elsewhere" by Massimiliano Amato  
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