Alle 18.00 alla presenza del regista in sala continua il cinema del reale in concorso con La bataille d’Alger un film dans l’histoire di Malek Bensmail


Alle 22.10, con il regista presente nella sala - "Arada" di Mu Tunc

At 18.00 in the presence of the director in the room continues the cinema of the real in competition with La bataille d’Alger  a film dans l’histoire  by  Malek Bensmail   (Algeria / France / Switzerland). In 1965, three years after the independence of Algeria, Gillo Pontecorvo began shooting a film that reconstructed the events of the Battle of Algiers (1957). The black and white film realized in a film-style style won the golden lion in 1966 at the Venice Film Festival. It was banned in French cinemas until 1971. As Algiers is the main refuge of all anti-colonial fighters, young Algerians identify with the legendary hero of the film, Ali la Pointe. In the 1970s, for viewers around the world, the film became the mirror of an epic.

At 20.10 Decembers will be screened   by  Enrique Castro Rios  (Panama / Colombia, 2018) revolving around the American invasion of Panama in 1989 and reconciliation between the survivors a decade later, anticipated by the short Free Fall  by  Santiago Henao Velez  (Colombia, 2018 ).

A similar match starting at 10.10 pm, with the directors present in the hall:  Arada  by Mu Tunc (Turkey, 2018). During the troubles of the 1990s in Turkey, a young punk rocker from Istanbul finds a ticket to a ship bound for California on the night of his birthday. A film based on the personal story of the director, born in a family of musicians, anticipated by the Italian short  Anna  by  Federica D’Ignoti  (2018).




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