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Touching A Van Gogh

United States, 2004, DV - Color - 71

Ethan H. Minsker



Disillusioned with the contemporary art world, a group of East Village artists bands together to form the Antagonist Movement. Under the banner "Crime is Art, Art is Crime" the Antagonists do whatever is necessary to create art. In breaking with the establishment, the Antagonists have created forums and venues through which artists can showcase their talents. Shot over three years, Touching a Van Gogh offers an inside look at young artists struggling to find themselves while challenging others. Touching a Van Gogh is a call to arms for artists everywhere "Crime is Art, Art is Crime". Directed by Ethan Minsker Camera by Marie Le Claire Edited by Theo Sena Features music from Vic Rojero, Champions of Sound, TK Webb and more... Executive Produced by Ray Ray Ramone Presented by Psycho Moto Zine and the Antagonist Movement Antagonist Piece #332 Antagovision.com An Ethan Minsker Film

BIO: Ethan Minsker (Producer, Director,) Graduated with honors from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Received masters degree in Media Communications from the New School of Social Research, also in New York City. Amaurosis, a 30-minute, 16mm film about dating in the 90’s won a finalist award at the New York Festival. He also co-wrote a a screenplay called the Stick-up Artist that received a Merit of Excellence. It was one of the top six entrants in the Slamdance Scriptwriting Competition. His feature documentary on women’s bands of the Lower East Side in NYC, Anything Boys Can Do, received a 1st place award in the Mixed Messages Festival and a 3rd place award in the Reeling Festival, as well as having been screened in over 50 festivals worldwide. . As editor-in-chief of Psycho.Moto.Zine, which was exhibited during the Alternative Youth Exhibit at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC, he took part in a panel discussion on self-publishing. Also, Ethan is the director of the Royal Fest, a festival of films, bands and zines, centered in the heart of NYCs Lower East Side.


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